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Published: 12th October 2011
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I bought a nose shape alterer named as Nose Right last month and I am highly disappointed about what it inflicted to my General nose appearance. Thoughtfully check their internet site and examine the company's site and the tool, its noseright dot com. I was very upset with my general nose appearance because it is to some extent broad and globular on the tip. I browsed youtube and saw the video of a girl recommending the product Nose Right and she seems as if she like the product and she praises it regularly. So I checked the website.

The hoax is a blue clip like item that is attached on the nose for a period and it should adjust the cartilage contour. The site says "Clip it on your nose for 15 minutes a day for 2 weeks for visible changes." In addition they have the before and after photograph that appear reasonably fine. So with no further ruckus I get one Nose Right.

The product was delivered after forty two days. I almost forgot that I ordered the tool for the reason that it took so lengthy. I do not know from what place did the nose right came from taking into account I'm here in New York. In accordance on their web site it could take 60 days. Somewhat a stretched interval, all the same, I unwrapped the envelope and it doesn't have any manual. It says "Kindly send us an email for instruction." Subsequently I send them an email and I received an exceedingly elusive manual that says "Clip the nose reshaper in your nose for 20 minutes a day for 2 weeks somwhere close to the tip."

In the long run, I eventually learned how to apply it. After four weeks of wearing the product, I seen my nose grew bigger rather than smaller. To cut the story short, the hoax was never useful. I emailed them for refund and nose right never replied. The hoax cost 12 dollars so I never go to the trouble of converying a new electronic mail. I believe they will request me to send back the nose reshaper again before the refund.

And then I found out in a youtube video from Dr. Philip Miller. He is the surgeon that did the rhinoplasty of the two women on Nose Right's internet site. Verify the youtube video by typing youtube[dot]com/watch?v=3ZEKGOTgdQA But that is NOT the most shocking. The most shocking part is that I visited Japan about a few days past and found that the genuine product that Nose Right imitated was Nose Magic. I bought Nose Magic in a shopping mall in tokyo for 1,500 yen. That's around 19 dollars. Used it for four weeks now and oh boy, My nose is a lot smaller, sharper and slimmer. The round tip disappeared and the nostrils are incredibly much slenderer. Nose Magic is a wonderful product. The company flashes the top consumer support even after sales. Also, you can send picture to their webpage and they will send you the correct placing and advice that are modified based on your nose type.

It was actually a wrong decision on my part that I wasted my effort with Nose Right which is a hoax and not ordered the genuine nose magic. I'm constructing this piece in order that I could help buyers like you to avoid fake imitations and misleading marketing and advertising. I wish I had researched a lot more concerning nose reshapers since there are lots of assessments on the net praising Nose Magic and discouraging internet shoppers on trying other duplicate imitations such as Nose Right. So again, Be vigilant with Nose Right. Avoid this beauty device.

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